How to install graphic tablet driver on mac OS?

1.You have 2 ways to get the driver. First, download from our official website. Second, install the driver from the on-board disk of our tablet. When you connect the tablet to your mac, there will be a disk icon appear on the desktop named “Pen driver” and the driver is inside. Through this method, your computer doesn’t need internet connection.
2.After you have the driver on your mac, right click the dmg file to open the installation program. There will be a pop-out stop the installation because this software is not verified by apple. But don’t need to worry, this is our official driver and there won’t be any malware. To continue the installation, right click to pen the dmg file and click open when the opo-out appear, then the installation will start.
3.After finishing the installation, you will have to authorize the driver in the Privacy & Security. First, unlock the settings. Second, go to keyboard monitoring and accessibility, authorize the “tablet driver”, then the tablet is good to go.

Post time: Jun-20-2022