About Us

Who We Are

Shenzhen Pengyi Computer System Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. It is a technology company focusing on the research and development and application of human-computer interaction technology. After more than 20 years of development, Pengyi has become the world's top ten graphic tablet manufacturer, with its own R&D, production and sales departments. Our own factory has control of the entire production process from patch to packaging;

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What We Do

Pengyi company specializes in the research and development, production and sales of graphic tablet and related accessories. We have a number of technical patents, and all products have obtained CE, FCC and RoHS certification.
We also provide customization services for graphic tablet products and related accessories. You can print your own brand logo on our products to provide support for you to create your own brand products.
We have been committed to providing high-quality and affordable tablet products for professional and non-professional users, and we believe that it is the right thing to allow more ordinary people to obtain professional tools at a relatively low cost.

As a company with innovators as its core, it has demonstrated its keen insight into market needs and its firm will to rely on innovation to meet needs since its inception.
On the eve of the new millennium, people in China were still unfamiliar with computers and did not know how to input Chinese characters on computer. For those who are willing to meet the new technology but doesn’t have a chance to learn the typing, we applied the cutting-edge technology of the Artificial intelligence (called neural network at the time), and integrated with self-developed hardware. It became the first device in China to manage the handwriting input of Chinese characters on the computer.

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Then we turned our attention to the field of painting. As a device only for the professionals, the price of the graphic tablet is very expensive. In the attempt to make this creative tool less expensive and easy-to-use for the majority of the non-professional, we have devoted ourselves to research and brought two great innovations to the industry and led the industry to change.
In the past, digital pens were all wired, because the price of battery-free pressure-sensitive components used in our industry was very costly. After several years of hard work, we have developed a battery-free pressure-sensitive component based on general-purpose electronic devices, which greatly reduces the cost of the pens and drives the entire industry to shift from active pressure-sensitive pens to passive pressure-sensitive pen.

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At the same time, in the production of induction panels, the panels developed by our own patented technology have replaced the traditional way of using a whole PCB as an induction panel, which reduces the overall weight of the digital board, reduces production costs, and improves production efficiency. Same as the PCB panel, our own panel also has excellent performance, even better in the report rate.
Another industry boost is the groundbreaking support for Android devices to use graphic tablets. In the era of smart devices, cell phones or mobile devices have become the indispensable way for people to communicate with others and the world instead of traditional desktop computers or laptops.

So we once again lead the industry, bringing the tablet product into the field of mobile devices, broadening the market for this category.
We have always believed that not only artists and designers, everyone should have the opportunity to express their creativity, and tools should not be the threshold for expressing creativity. We have been making unremitting efforts to integrate advanced technology into products in innovative ways in order to benefit more people.